Our Calls to Action

The following Calls to Action were presented to Minister Carolyn Bennett and Senator Murray Sinclair in 2017 and have led to the formation of our National Commitment Challenge

Our National Challenge Commitments

Blossom Park Elementary



  • Traditional territory acknowledgement morning announcements

  • Annual Commitment for Orange Shirt Day Commemorations

  • Updating and culling the library

  • Challenge from the Principal Patty Gollogy to administrators and schools

  • Every school has a starting place — Orange Shirt Day Commemorations are a great place to start


Immaculata Catholic High School



  • Deep learning cross-curricular special projects

  • Indigenous literature academic credit course

  • Formation of an Indigenous Club

  • Creating of an Aboriginal Lodge


Hillcrest Public High School



  • Territorial plaque creation at entrance of school

  • Art mural

  • Geordie Walker, Màmawi Together Board Member asking administrators, teachers and youth to get involved


Pleasant Park’s inaugural legacy reconciliation project

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