Màmawi Together is a community-based initiative raising awareness of issues facing Indigenous and non-Indigenous people along the path to Reconciliation through education and civic action.

Our Values

Màmawi Together unites parents, students, and community members to empower communities to be more caring and inclusive through education and reconciliation projects in Ottawa and beyond. In enacting our efforts to, we strive to:

  • Acknowledge the history and inter-generational impacts of the Canadian Residential School system on all Canadians
  • Create sustainable systemic shifts through civil action and education
  • Foster greater understanding, knowledge and respect for Indigenous perspectives, histories, and teachings

Who We Are

The genesis of Màmawi Together started in Ottawa in 2009 as a result of parent-led Indigenous Awareness activities at Pleasant Park School. Over the last few years, the impact of our community work has grown in the community to include teachers, students, administrators, School Boards, community, and corporate supporters.

In spring 2017, to mark Canada’s 150 Sesquicentennial year and in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action, 150 Indigenous and non- Indigenous students from both the Ottawa English Public and Catholic School Boards came together to start a Màmawi Together Youth for Reconciliation movement. Sponsored and led by the Màmawi Together team, the 150 students drafted nine powerful challenges that were presented to the federal government, Indigenous Affairs & Northern Development Minister Carolyn Bennett, Senator Murray Sinclair, Former Chair of the TRC and Honorary Patron, and the public.  While many of the challenges demand the leadership of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments, the Màmawi Together Challenge is directed at the educational system. We at Màmawi Together believe that the youth with the support of the broader community has the power to make this happen.